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Easy Italian Online @ All Right Reserved 2023 Sito web realizzato da Flazio  Experience ​

Numero Partita Iva: 16192751002

Easy Italian Online @ All Right Reserved 2023 Sito web realizzato da Flazio  Experience ​

Numero Partita Iva: 16192751002

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Looking for an individual training solution to learn Italian from home? Need an interactive course with a native speaker?


We know that it is not always possible to join a traditional face-to-face class, that’s why we’re bringing the class to you.

Whether you are in Italy or abroad, with our practical and flexible online Italian courses you will be able to brush-up on grammar rules and develop your communication skills for real-life situations. All you need is a smartphone or a laptop with audio and video access.

Online courses overview

You can choose from the following online training options: 

General Italian + ConversationLearn Italian and start speaking from the first lesson

CILS preparation: Perform the exam to the best of your ability.

Italian Plus:  Treat yourself to a full immersion in language and culture.

Italian for Business:  Develop your career and find new opportunities.

Before the course, you will receive a questionnaire that will help us find the best solution according to your starting level, training needs, learning objectives and personal interests. Then we’ll schedule a 35-minute free trial class. You may need private lessons to focus on your specific goals or join a small group  to practice Italian with your friends or family.

During the classes you will participate in listening, writing, speaking, and reading activities. We will also talk about topics such as environment, lifestyle, fashion, or history. Our aim is to support you to become proficient in the key language areas you need the most. 

Let’s keep in contact: we’d love to hear from you after the course! We’ll be available via email, Facebook Page, Instagram or Whatsapp to answer your language-related questions. 


Tailor-made courses deserve customized material to track your improvements and progression over time. We usually create written and audio/visual resources: everything is included in the tuition fee so you don’t need to buy any books.


At the end of each lesson, you will receive a file that will tell you what we did and, if necessary, we will send extra resources to study in between classes. 

One-to-one tuition

We provide one-to-one lessons designed to cater to your personal or professional purposes. They are an effective way to learn and practice the language in real life scenarios. Small group courses are available only for “Language Plus” option or if you want to learn Italian with friends or family members.



Thanks to our online programmes you will be able to communicate effectively in Italian and learn about Italian Culture & Literature with an interactive and flexible approach. Last but not least, you will improve your vocabulary and grammar skills thanks to a qualified native speaker teacher. 


6 benefits of online learning

General info​


  • One lesson = 55 minutes
  • Tools: Skype or Zoom 
  • Time zone: Rome (Italy) 
  • Adults and Mature learners
  • Levels: A0 - C1  
  • One-to-one lessons 
  • Group courses (upon request):  from 2 to 6 students


  • Attend from wherever you are (home, office, cafè, beach)
  • Learn new digital competences 
  • Improve your time-management skills
  • Develop self-motivation 
  • Reduce stress by learning at your own pace
  • Save money, paper and carbon footprint

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Learn Italian and speak from the first lesson



Develop your career and find new opportunities



The perfect complement to perform the exam to the best of your ability



Treat yourself to a full immersion in language and culture


​Italian plus art


​Italian plus cinema


​Italian plus literature


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